frequently asked questions

What will happen in the first therapy session? 

 I will conduct a brief assessment of your needs, presenting problem(s) & your expectations or goals of therapy.  Together we will  create  a client-therapist contract. I will also issue you with a statement about how I process personal data.

 What is a contract & why is a contract necessary?

 A contract is a formal working-agreement between client-therapist.  Contracts identify & establish the terms & conditions of  the therapeutic relationship.  They also preserve & protect the rights & responsibilities of  both parties.

How long does a therapy session last & cost?

Sessions are usually  between  50 to 60 minutes & will be charged at £40. The first session may be slightly longer than the usual 60 minutes to provide extra time for the process of assessment  & contracting, at no additional charge.

How do you practice as a psychotherapist?

My way of working is informed by the theories, philosophies & research, pertaining to the person centered & experiential approach to psychotherapy & humanistic psychology.  I also integrate  CBT evidence-based techniques, if appropriate.