frequently asked questions

What will happen in the first therapy session? 

 I will conduct a brief assessment of your needs, presenting problem(s) & your expectations or goals of therapy.  Together we will  create  a client-therapist contract. I will also issue you with a statement about how I process personal data.

 What is a contract & why is a contract necessary?

 A contract is a formal working-agreement between client-therapist.  Contracts identify & establish the terms & conditions of  the therapeutic relationship.  They also preserve & protect the rights & responsibilities of  both parties.

How long does a therapy session last & cost?

Sessions will be 60 minutes & will be charged at £35.  The first session may be slightly longer than the usual 60 minutes to provide extra time for the process of assessment  & contracting, at no additional charge.

How do you practice as a psychotherapist?

My way of working is informed by the theories, philosophies & research, pertaining to the person centered & experiential approach to psychotherapy & humanistic psychology.  I also integrate  CBT evidence-based techniques, if appropriate.

Will all therapy sessions be confidential?

Confidentiality, is an important principle within therapeutic relationships because it provides clients an opportunity to explore/express thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears & concerns within a safe,  private relationship. However under certain circumstances, to protect either the client or others from suffering serious harm, or when required to do so by law, confidentiality would be broken. 

Will you keep records about me & will these be safe?


I believe that good record-keeping enhances the quality of the therapeutic relationship, and is an integral part of professional practice.  I will keep post-session notes, that capture the essence of each therapeutic session.  You are entitled to see your notes if you so wish.  I comply with  the General Data Protection Regulations (2018)  in regard to processing  all personal data.

What 's the difference between a psychiatrist

and psychotherapist?

It is important to recognize that psychiatrists are medical doctors who can diagnose & treat mental health conditions  & disorders.  They can also prescribe & monitor the effects of medication. Psychotherapists  focus on helping individuals  explore, manage & alleviate mental  and/or emotional distress.  They do not diagnose or prescribe for mental disorders, unless they are medically qualified.  

Why should I choose you to be my psychotherapist?

I have entered this profession because I  care deeply about helping people who are suffering with some form of mental health issue and/or emotional distress.  Client needs & well-being are my primary concern.  I am a kind, gentle, non-judgmental person and always respectful. I respect diversity and difference and client autonomy.  I adhere to ethical codes of professional conduct and practice.

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